Our boat is equipped with a Furuno radar, two fish finders and plotters, our tackle consists of four 130lb. reels, four 80lb. reels, four 50lb. reels, one 30lb. reel all 100% shimano.

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Captain Leo has had many decades mastering the waters in and around the Canaries. He knows the Tenerife south waters since 1972 and has over 46.000 sea hours of experience.



The Sailfisher II is a 33Foot Wellcraft fishing boat and it is fully equiped with all the safety equipment required by law. Your safety is our priority.

Fishing in Tenerife

We are a small company dedicated to big game charter fishing. We have many years fishing experience.
We specialize in big fish, specially Blue Marlin. The harbor where we are located is in Puerto Colon (Pier 5) in Playa de las Americas (Adeje), Tenerife.

The boat Sailfisher II, a 33 foot Wellcraft fully equipped for the serious big game fisherman, offers unforgettable action when the fishing is good.
All our big game fishing equipment is 100% shimano. It is also equiped with the latest electronics, GPS, plotters and fish finders.

Availability & Trip Rates in Tenerife

TROLLING PRIVATE ( 4HS.)​ from 550€

Fishing license. All de fishing gear,snacks, sandwiches, fruit and drinks​

TROLLING PRIVATE ( 6HS.)​ from 780€

Trolling for various tipes of gamefish depending on season.Mainly for blue or withe

TROLLING PRIVATE ( 8HS.)​ from 1000€

Fishing license, beer and soft drinks, fruit, and a fresh made sandwich.

TROLLING PRIVATE (10 HS) from 1200 €​

This is 10 hours of trolling for the serious fisherman depending the season

JIGGING PRIVATE ( 4HS.) from​ 520 €

This is the private charter trip for jiggins. You will mainly for jiggins for dentex

JIGGING PRIVATE ( 7HS.) from 900 €​

This is the private charter trip for jiggins. You will mainly for jiggins for dentex

SHARK CHARTER ( 5HS.)​ from 650 €

Drift chuking for shark




Leo Alvarez. Born: Las Tunas (Cuba). Grew up in north east usa. Having fished florida waters and north east waters of América, mainly Belmar NJ. Long Island,Atlantic highlands, etc.
Has also been fishing Tenerife south waters since 1972. He is one of the pioneers of big game fishing out of Puerto Colon as he started chárter fishing in the early nineties.
He also holds the Tenerife record for blue marlin 1001 lbs.



Juan Carlos. Born: Barakaldo, país vasco. Having fished the north seas in mainland spain for a few years now has been working for the sailfisher company for the last eleven years.
Lots of experience in all aspects of fishing.


Whats is?

Trolling is generally used for big game fishing. It consists of dragging a lure behind the boat in order to get the fish to eat.
The lure can be of a big size like for blue marlin or giant bluefin tuna. It can be of various colors, sometime more to atract the fishermen rather than the fish. Lures are usually artifial, but they can be also a live bait or dead bait.
You may do the trolling at various speeds, fast trolling can be done for wahoo and yellowfin while other species require a slower speed such as seven knots. You also can do slow trolling for other fish when in the area specially when you use live bait in order not to kill the baitfish.
There can also be a mix of a dead baitfish and skirt. These are called skirted lures. Lures can also be trolled deeper under water in order to get closer to the fish that are on the bottom. You can troll over wrecks or underwater reefs which is where the fish tend to be. For this tipe of trolling you need a good fishfinder in order not to get your lure accidentally caught on the bottom and a downrigger to get the lure exactly as deep as you like. This bottom trolling is usually done very slow.
The speed of any type of trolling also has a lot to do with weather conditions. The idea of surface trolling is to make your lure seem like a real fish to the predator, it should go in and out of the water and create a smoke trail to make it seem like its getting away. For me I tend to use darker lures on cloudy days and more colorful lures on sunny days.



Whats is?

Jigging is a different modality of fishing. It usually consists of a metalic artificial fish dropped down over some type of bottom structure and pulled up in a jerky motion very quickly torwards the surface in order to get the fish on the bottom to eat.
This type of fishing is usually efective for Jacks of all kinds, specially amberjacks. It is also used for dentex and other predators that feed on other smaller fish on the bottom. You can also use some vynil jiggs to slow jig which is not so tiersome for the fisherman.
Some people call this vertical fishing to differenciate it from trolling. Bottom fishing does not mean jigging. It usually refers to fishing with some kind of live or dead bait under the boat while anchored or at drift.


Whats is?

We usually chum and chunk the water while at drift. We put a few baited jooks at different depths under the boat as we wait for the bite.

To spread out the various lines you can tie off a balloon which can easily break off the main fishing line. Always use a hefty wire trace in order to not lose the shark.
We always use non stainless hooks so that they rot away in a short period of time therefore the sharks do not die after we release them.